Monday, 28 March 2016

A Visit to Glasgow City Chambers

 David Miekle our Councillor invited our Art Class to the City Chambers

What a wonderful Ceiling

Now that's what I call a staircase

The Debating Chamber

 A Guided Tour

The Group was impressed


Look at these 3 Bunny Girls

 Look at all the Goodies

 Mary with her mad hat

 Having a blether helps you to enjoy the fun

 We even had an entertainer

 Do you like Jean;s hat?

 That's right girls give it a whirl on the floor

 Everyone is having a good time

Craft Sculpture Class Footstools

The frame of these stools where made by John McCarron 

and some members of our men's Monday Group. 

                        Holly's Monday Class covered and beautifully embroidered them

                                    Well Done to everyone envolved

Taking our ESOL class members on a trip around the Lochs and Dunoon

Everyone really enjoyed finding out about our Beautiful Country 

 I think Hassan was surprised by the Lochs 

The Water was so still it was like Glass


 Nasim and Babar

 Bill and some of our Guests

  Eating Lunch by the Loch

 Snow covered Hills

 visiting Luss

 What a place to live

What a view



 Peter enjoying a puff on his pipe before we leave

This was a very successful day talking about which country everyone came from, sharing their experiences and sharing the happiness of the day.

Members Exchanging Recipes

Rachel helping Lesley to bottle her home made Ginger Cordail

 We made Shortbread from Rachel's recipe

 Bill  making pancakes for the members 
Some of our members enjoying soup and pizza for lunch

These pizza where made from sourdough in our Hall

Janette, Rachel and Lesley hard at work