Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mad Hair Day

 You still have your rollers in Jean

A Blue Do

 Who are this lot?

 This is trouble

Billy going back to his youth

 The Blue Flower Lady

 Betty in Purple 

 Dancing to the Music

 Gone yersell Girls

 She looked in the mirror and gave herself a fright

Friday Curry Cooking Class

Darham teaching the members how to make Curries

 Just add a bit more water Helen

 Tonights Dinner

 Our budding chefs

The delicious smell attracts John's attention

St Valentine's Party

Happy smiles on Valentines Day

Are you Waiting for a Click? Ladies

Happy Times

Having a good gossip 

 Catching up with friends

 Anne and Gills Bogeying to the Music

Blokes Group

Some of the Blokes Outings: 

Carpet Bowls:

Fishing Trip To Dunoon:

Leather craft at The Burrell Collection

The Blokes at Pool

Burns Lunch

Waiting for the Haggis to be served

Our guests enjoying the food

Singing along with entertainers

Albert giving a thank you speech