Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Nan Mckay Hall Christmas Party 2015

Our Tree with all the presents

 The Committee Dressing the Tables

Mary all dressed for fun
Marjory and Sadie look happy with the festivities 

 Young Louy came up from London to Join in the fun

 The Guests have arrived 

Sharing a laugh with friends

Anne making sure everyone is seated

 Albert and John entertain our elected members from all Parties

 Billy is Quenching his thirst

 Riba has Doreen in stitches 

The Ladies watching for Father Christmas 

Joe and Hilda looking happy

Cheer up Liz

What are Janette and Elizabeth watching?

The Ladies Having a giggle

Stuart and Anne take to the floor

Gavin singing along to the music

Empty glasses girls?

Santa with his Helpers
 The Guests love this part of the fun

Cathy sitting on the fairy's knee

Santa ringing his Bell

Peter not to sure about this

Jean and Irene are
Even Bill got a shot

Rana isn't  to sure either

Norman picks the only Lady

John is enjoying himself

Billy wants to sit on everyones' knee

Janette likes this

Look at these three posers

Gordon is having a good time
A smile and a hug from Jessie

And now the Dancing can Start




Sunday, 20 December 2015

Halloween Party

Jean at her Best

Anish being Daddy Cool

Cathy's Surprised to see Charlie Chaplin

That's an improvement Liz

Where is your Broomstick?

Mary's wishing she was back at School

Billy's being his usual self

Just Follow the Arrow Folks

Lesley is the Devil in Disquise

Not bad for a 90Yr Old

You need Help Jean

Too Tired to Dance

Our Music Men

Charlie's Back

Our meet and Greet day with Men from Different Countries and Cultures

The Thursday Cookery Class Preparing the food for our Guests

Hard at Work

 Watch the fingers 

Too many Cooks!

It can get Messy

Mary's Favourite Job

That's where you wash the dishes girls

That Looks Good

Our Guests starting to Arrive

Nicely Done

Our Lovely Volunteers

Bill our Manager Welcoming Everyone

The Ladies Serving up the Food

I think they like what they see

This is the way to make everyone Welcome

Food makes the world go round

Bill showing how we can all work together

Everyone seems to be enjoying the food

Going up for Desserts

Gavin adding to the entertainment